Most Gospel Artistes Don’t Understand Showbiz – Gifty Osei

As to whether gospel artistes understand the showbiz industry or not, that is a question we should ask for an answer. Interestingly, the ‘Jesus be too much’ hit maker Gifty Osei thinks some gospel artistes don’t understand the showbiz industry so well hence a disadvantage to them. She said this on “This is Gospel” with Franky5 on Hitz fm.

Well, some of these gospel artistes think the Gospel was given for free as such they can also perform for free since it’s all about the word of God.

As far as she is concerned, releasing a song or an album on the market involves a lot of money and they form part of the business aspect of the industry.

“As a gospel musician, I go to the studio to record for a fee. And I also pay some other people who compose songs for me apart from the ones I compose myself. Again, I go for the services of the various instrumentalists like the lead guitarist, basist, keyboardist etc who help me with my live performances which is a common practice of the gospel artistes.” She said.

“I go for the best videos for my songs which cost a lot of money since I am projecting a good brand for myself. My ability to go international is all about cash (money).” She further noted.

According to her, the brand she is projecting should always be on point and that it shouldn’t be negatively criticized by the public.

She made it very clear it’s all about money if one wants to become a star. She believes that all the money that has been invested in her should be worth it.
“Business plays an
integral role in the industry which of course should be a money making venture apart from ministering to spiritually impact lives.” She quickly added.

She admonished pastors to pay them when they bill them for programmes since they are investing a lot in their career.

When she was asked about promotion of her songs. In response, she boldly stated that television, radio and presenters would also demand their share of the budget in making sure her songs get out there. And so there is the need to for the gospel artistes to understand the business aspect of the industry so they don’t get it all wrong.

Meanwhile, when she was asked about her winning the VGMAs artiste of the year, she responded by saying yes and that she will be the first gospel artist to take the crown and also the first gospel artist from Ghana to go to the BET and bring the crown back home. She believes the BET is all about projection of good brand and hard work which she is determined to achieve.

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh

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