Cwesi Oteng Refuses to Accept People’s Negative Assertions About Him As Being Aggressive and Proud.

Cwesi Oteng, a gospel musician based in Ghana, in an interview with the host of the TIG Show on Hitz FM Franky5 has refused some negative assertions about him as being aggressive and proud.


According to the gospel musician, we live in a society where people are happy with you when you are the reserved and the quiet type of person. But he said he isn’t working for everybody to be happy with him though he is a gospel musician.

He further stated that the industry is such that you would have so many people discourage you in your line of work and that could affect so many other things as far as one’s brand is concerned.

‘I need to be strong so that I can be able to move.’ He added.

Amazingly, the gospel musician has said that he is the most humble person one can ever encounter though he made it clear that aggression is a good spirit.

He however said that he is rather motivated when people describe him any how.

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

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