Gospel Musicians Can Never Organise their Own Music Awards. – Nacee

Music producer and musician, Nacee has without fear or favour said on the TIG Show on Hitz FM that gospel musicians in Ghana can never organise their own music awards scheme after some gospel musicians came out with that suggestion when the PRO of Chatter House George Quaye publicly said they do offer him with bribes as far as the VGMs is concerned.

Even though George Quaye has apologised, some gospel musicians like SP Kofi Sarpong, Abena Ruthy, Cece Tsum and a host of others are all saying the Gospel Industry should also have its own award scheme since Chatter House doesn’t really have interest in them.

Nacee who thinks otherwise is daring anyone at all to try because he knows they can never succeed with it. He went on to say that there have been several attempts to organise a gospel music award in this country but unfortunately they are no where to be found.

According to him, getting sponsors for gospel events is no joke. He however advised the gospel musicians to confront the organisers of VGMAs so that the issue of bribery leveled against them can be resolved once and for all.
Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

2 thoughts on “Gospel Musicians Can Never Organise their Own Music Awards. – Nacee

  1. Award is the reward one receives for a good work done. i disagree with the comment passed by Nacee that Gospel musicians cant organize their own music award scheme. i believe that as Christians as we are, need to be very loyal, exhibit high decorum, live a spirit fill lifestyle and also portray some kind of decency.
    Being loyal when it comes to the work of the gospel industry is one key that can lead to successful organization .
    When the gospel artist portray good character, tolerance, respect, determination,living good moral and exemplary life, people will tend to value the industry which will in the long run bring some sort of interested personnel to invest into the industry.
    The big question is why are the circular music industry always at the winning edge when it comes to organizing award schemes ???? its because they are determine to do it, tolerate each other, advertise for good sponsorship. therefore its possible that the Gospel industry also can do same if we rise to fight the small Can-car worm like bribery, seeking spiritual help from ritualist, improper dress code, that is eating some of the artist in the G industry.thank you very much i am always blessed whenever i listen to your show keep doing the good work PAPA IKE


  2. It is true that the gosple musicians in Ghana can not their own gosple award s,because they would not be able to get enough sponsors to come on board to support the idea, and also in Ghana here many people do pertronise on gosple music but rather concentrate on circular music like the hip life and the others.


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