Djs Are Killing Our Industry. – Lydia Dede Yawson Of Tagoe Sisters Fame

One of the members of the Giant gospel music duo, Lydia Dede Yawson of Tagoe Sisters fame without missing words has said on the TIG Show on Hitz FM that disc jockeys (djs) are the people who are killing the music industry in Ghana.

According to her, when they were very active as gospel musicians, GBC was then the only media outfit that could play their songs to be heard by all. This brought about high demands of their songs by Ghanaians. There is proliferation of radio and television stations but unfortunately they are more interested in playing foreign songs rather than playing the local ones.

Lydia Dede Yawson further fumed that surprisingly the Nigerian songs that are glorified and played by Ghanaian djs and presenters are so unpopular in their own country to the extent that the people there find it difficult to sing those songs.

‘Some djs in Kumasi refused to play some recent English song I did because they felt the song had a slow tempo. Meanwhile, they have been playing similar songs from outside the country on air.’ She lamented.

She believes the djs and presenters are influenced financially by some managers of gospel artistes to play their songs even if they are not good leaving the good ones to die off.
Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

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