People Walk Away When I Mount The Pulpit To Preach – Kaywa

One gem in the Ghanaian music industry who is noted for his music productions coupled with a prophetic gift, David Kyei, popularly known as Kaywa has confessed on the TIG Show that some people don’t like it anytime he mounts the pulpit to preach the word of God, hence their unwillingness to stay in the church auditorium to listen to him.

According to the sound engineer, people confuse themselves with what he does and the special gift he possesses from above. But people just don’t want to distinguish the two and even believe that God could use him to mighty things.

Kaywa records songs for both secular artistes and gospel artistes without any limitations as a sound engineer.

He made it clear to the host of the show, Franky5 that he believes God has given the power to all men to prophecy and do his work which of course isn’t limited to just a few people.

However, the popular sound engineer thinks he is not discouraged and doesn’t care one bit since he believes God has called him to do what he is doing by affecting lives and saving souls for Him (God).

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

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