CASE COME: I want to trim down my hair; people are mistaking my hair style for Shata Wale’s. – Patience Nyarko

Gospel songstress, Patience Nyarko on ‘This is Gospel’ on Hitz FM with Franky 5 has stated she wants to trim down her hair all because people think she has imitated Shata Wale’s style of hair as a gospel artiste.

The gospel artiste thinks people talk too much about them (gospel artistes) with regards to their way of dressing, but believes she dresses very well as far as she is concerned, though she stressed she can’t please every body.

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Using The Late Mahama’s Sad Death To Shoot A Movie Would Only Bring About Pain To His Family And His Children When They Grow. – Spokesperson For Major Mahama’s Family.


For some weeks now Dankyira-Obuasi has received all the negative comments from Ghanaians when some residents lynched an innocent military man in the person of Major Adam Mahama for committing no crime. Though the Major was buried last Friday, his painful death is still the talk in town.


As painful as it is some movie makers/producers from Kumahood like Paul Gee, Akwasi Boadi (Akrobeto) have expressed interest in using Major Mahama’s death case to shoot a movie to educate Ghanaians about mob injustice and the need to halt it. Though some Ghanaians have pleaded with these Kumahood producers not to do that since they virtually inject humour in almost all their movies, they (producers) think it is good and prudent they document this for future reference and all that.

The spokesperson for the late Major Mahama’s family has also made it clear to Franky 5 the host of the TIG Show on Hitz FM that using the Major’s death case to shoot a movie would rather bring about pain to the family and the children when they grow. He stressed that, it could really bring about some psychological trauma as well to the family and so no movie producer should do that at least for the family.

He went on to thank Ghanaians for their massive support for the family since Major Adam Mahama passed away. And also thanked the media for making sure the circulation of Mahama’s videos and pictures were minimized on social media when he was lynched.

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

People Walk Away When I Mount The Pulpit To Preach – Kaywa

One gem in the Ghanaian music industry who is noted for his music productions coupled with a prophetic gift, David Kyei, popularly known as Kaywa has confessed on the TIG Show that some people don’t like it anytime he mounts the pulpit to preach the word of God, hence their unwillingness to stay in the church auditorium to listen to him.

According to the sound engineer, people confuse themselves with what he does and the special gift he possesses from above. But people just don’t want to distinguish the two and even believe that God could use him to mighty things.

Kaywa records songs for both secular artistes and gospel artistes without any limitations as a sound engineer.

He made it clear to the host of the show, Franky5 that he believes God has given the power to all men to prophecy and do his work which of course isn’t limited to just a few people.

However, the popular sound engineer thinks he is not discouraged and doesn’t care one bit since he believes God has called him to do what he is doing by affecting lives and saving souls for Him (God).

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

Joe Mettle Will Not Win The Artiste Of The Year If – Kwesi Ernest

The CEO of Media Excel Productions, Kwesi Ernest without any doubt thinks Joe Mettle will never win the over all artiste of the year at the VGMAs if he doesn’t solicit for votes for himself.

The Media Excel boss who doesn’t really believe that Joe Mettle could pick the over all VGMAs artiste of the year believes that Joe Mettle doesn’t come anywhere close because he has failed to do massive publicity in that regard.

‘If you are afraid to do publicity then forget to be an artiste.’ He added.

He further said that Christians don’t vote when it comes to programs like this hence his inability to pick the over all crown.

However, he believes the ‘onwanwani’ hit maker, Joe Mettle would definitely win the Gospel Artist of the Year category as he comes in contention with Sonnie Badu, Piesie Esther, Nacee and Jeshrun Okyere.

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

Charterhouse Is Not A Serious Organisation- Bernard Amankwah

Gospel musician Rev. Bernard Amankwah says charterhouse is not a serious organisation for it’s late response to the bribery comments made by its Public Relations Officer, George Quaye.
In a conversation with Franky5, a host of This Is Gospel on Hitz FM, he praised charterhouse for releasing a Press statement disassociating themselves from the allegation made by George Quaye.

He was however quick to criticize the Ghana Music Awards(GMAs) organisers for failing to immediately respond to the allegation. “Everybody had a perception that something was inside(bribery) but for somebody (George Quaye) who was a PR to come out and say this, it was a huge thing that I can think if they were a serious organisation, the next day they should have come out ” he said.

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Rev. Amankwah also believes Mr Quaye comment was a publicity stunt gone bad. “I believe it was a PR gimmick that they use to hype the awards but this time it didn’t work” he added.

He concluded that since Mr Quaye no longer speaks for the VGMA board, he should come out with the names of those involved since his credibility is at stake.

Mr Quaye had alleged that some gospel musicians bribe charterhouse for award. He later retracted the comment and subsequently rendered an apology for the remarks.

Charterhouse organised a press conference to disassociate itself from the comment made by Mr George Quaye though he has personally apologised for his comment.

Rev. Bernard Amankwah was part of those who called for gospel artistes to boycott this year’s award.

Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

Djs Are Killing Our Industry. – Lydia Dede Yawson Of Tagoe Sisters Fame

One of the members of the Giant gospel music duo, Lydia Dede Yawson of Tagoe Sisters fame without missing words has said on the TIG Show on Hitz FM that disc jockeys (djs) are the people who are killing the music industry in Ghana.

According to her, when they were very active as gospel musicians, GBC was then the only media outfit that could play their songs to be heard by all. This brought about high demands of their songs by Ghanaians. There is proliferation of radio and television stations but unfortunately they are more interested in playing foreign songs rather than playing the local ones.

Lydia Dede Yawson further fumed that surprisingly the Nigerian songs that are glorified and played by Ghanaian djs and presenters are so unpopular in their own country to the extent that the people there find it difficult to sing those songs.

‘Some djs in Kumasi refused to play some recent English song I did because they felt the song had a slow tempo. Meanwhile, they have been playing similar songs from outside the country on air.’ She lamented.

She believes the djs and presenters are influenced financially by some managers of gospel artistes to play their songs even if they are not good leaving the good ones to die off.
Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

Co-operate Bodies Are Not Interested In Gospel Events – Cwesi Oteng.

Gospel musician, Cwesi Oteng has said on the TIG Show on Hitz FM that co-operate bodies are not really interested in gospel events hence their inability to excel very well as people expect of them.

In an interview with the host Franky5, Cwesi Oteng made it clear that cooperate bodies have their reasons for doing what they do by not supporting the gospel industry. And he feels it’s about time the gospel artistes paid less attention to them for support. Because he believes they (co-operate bodies) have their own agenda.

‘I have my own experiences where shows cost more than $500,000 but co-operate bodies are not willing to invest their monies into it. They would rather want to sponsor with $5000 and $10,000 or something less.’ He further added.

Despite all that, the contemporary gospel musician believes that they have come very far and have broken through.

He also believes that the gospel industry will do very well especially when money is invested in it.
Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)